Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break

Ok. Spring Break was crazy this year. Rundown of the week:

Mon- Homework. Personal Progress. Time with Family and Austin.

Tues- PERSONAL PROGRESS. Bishop's interview. Go home and sleep.

Wed- Deaf for a day (For my ASL class (fav. class btw)). Wore earplug, signed, and apparently sounded really stupid when I tried to talk. It's hard. And people had to yell and i had to concentrate really hard to attempt to hear anything. Went to the mall with Charlotte, Alicia, and Austin. That was...interesting. Hehe. Came home, hung with brett and the guys. (that was also interesting. Monopoly (well, it was Utah in a box. basically utah monopoly) is hard when you can't hear!) Rested and Hung with Austin.

Thurs- A lot of homework. Interview with Sis. Barney (that made me cry REALLY hard when I got home.) Depressing day though, even when Austin officially asked me to prom. ANY IDEAS FOR CUTE WAY TO ANSWER (MUST BE CHEESY) SHOULD COMMENT! WINNER WILL GET THE PICS E-MAILED TO THEM BEFORE I POST! Austin took me to my first midnight showing of a movie. 17 again. Cool story: We got there like, right on time. And got kinda crappy seats on the side of the second row. Then, this lady came and told us they were opening another little theater (it was mini!) for the first two rows! SO we got AWESOME seats in a mini semi-empty theater. It was cool. Then we went to Denny's and had breakfast! Very fun. Came home and went to bed.

Fri- LOTS OF HOMEWORK. Talking to Austin. More homework. Watching youtube videos of comedians. More homwork.

Sat- Lagoon with Tyler and his family! LOTS of fun. The sweet guy took me as a date (so he paid for me (luckily his mom had a coupon or I never would have let him!) ). He was sweet the whole time, even though I get sick on crazy rides. And let me tell you, my family goes on the kiddie rides. His family goes on the real rides! I got soaked though. Had a blast. Missed my loud musical crazy family (especially sisters). But I had a BLAST! Then when we got home, I took another shower (cuz I was sick of sticky pants and showers make me feel better) then put on jammies and made rollo-pretzel treats with Austin and Tyler. Lots of fun!

Now school has to start again. EW! AND I'M OFFFICIALLY CAUGHT UP! Anything else you wanna know about, just ask! :) Hopefully now I'll be better at keeping up! :)

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