Saturday, April 25, 2009

18th b-day

well, again I post... Um.. So it's my b-day today. I decided that I don't enjoy my own birthdays. Here's why: i always get my hopes up for random things and must not communicate well. Don't get me wrong: I love presents, I love spending time with my family, and everyone is usually (of course there are always exceptions) really nice. But Just wanted a day of rest. Instead, I got to go shopping. Oh well! Maybe i'm just a sour puss who's in a bad mood. Being an official adult really isnt' an exciting thing for me right now. I'm kinda just in the mood to watch tv or cry. Pathetic eh? Oh well, I'm a teenage chick. My emotions never really make sense. :(

1 comment:

DeAnna said...

You could have always said that you didn't really want to go shopping, stinker!