Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DIY Demin Roads

Today, Gid wanted to play cars and roads. We pulled out his denim roads (that I made for him for Christmas) and I realized I'd never shared!

Basically, last summer I found a pin and realized I had a bunch of old ripped pants I'd saved for ...something. I'm a crafty pack-rat. I acknowledge this.

And we took a few days to get it done.

The first day I just cut out a bunch of road shapes. Straight, curvy, turns, and intersections. Gid liked to lay down right on top of whatever I was cutting like a cat, so once they were all cut up, I was done.

The next time I pulled them out, I made a quick stencil (That link- it's my .studio3 file. You're welcome.) on cardstock. Yellow tulip soft fabric paint and a movie later I had some painted roads.

Then I packed them away so that when Christmas came around they were totally new to go with the new cars from his dad. I'm not looking forward to the days that I have to craft in secret from him.

Have so much fun! With your own roads, they are so fun! It's like the best of...train tracks and a road rug combined! Lots of combinations, fold up soft, and they take up a large space without the expense and required storage space.

Here's Gid (still in batman jammies, I know!) and his roads, and the pic that I posted to insta. He waited so patiently so that I could get a pic.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017: More Meaningful Moments

The first 'new year' that Chris and I spent married we made resolutions. They didn't happen. The next year we got the first year's done cuz they just...stayed. But we DID get our passports. So woohoo.

The following year we decided that instead of having resolutions we'd have a motto. ("What's a motto?  - nothin' what's a motto with you?") 2014- Shiny. I was determined to have a shiny, miraculous year. And guess what, I did! I got pregnant, we went to New York, and I had a shinier disposition that year.

2015's theme: Enjoy Today. I painted mantle letter blocks to remind me. And I focused on enjoying each day with my brand new baby. Finding something to be happy about each day really helped me savor that time while he was itty-bitty.

When 2016 came around there was no way I was taking down that Enjoy Today (I love it) but we chose MAGIC as our theme. We went to Disneyland and Harry Potter World and I found the simple magic in the little things with my son. (While enjoying each day, as we decided these are going to be continuous).

Here we are! 2017!
The motto for the year: More Meaningful Moments

It started with a late night with a sister at the end of 2016. We were watching OK GO's video: The One Moment which is super cool. It's all filmed in 6 seconds and then slowed down to fill the song in a way that was profound to me. We can MISS EVERYTHING if we don't pay attention and MAKE OUR MOMENTS MEAN SOMETHING. Then we watched an interview where he was talking about living his life to make More Meaningful Moments and I immediately paused to EUREKA! There's 2017's theme. We're going to make More Meaningful Moments. We're going to do, and enjoy, and make the most of every crazy-mom-of-a-2-yr-old moment! I'm looking forward to seeing what those moments CAN mean when I'm looking to squeeze all the meaning from each second.

I've made a big vinyl for my wall (since I'm not taking down that Enjoy Today, I adore it. Especially for my spring months when I don't really wanna change ALL my decorations.).

Friday, January 6, 2017


Oh man, guys, this was a full Christmas. I may have pushed a bit too hard.

We crafted our fingers off. Even Gid made thank you cards, took pictures, painted, stirred. Everything we made he stirred. The kid loves to paint and stir.

Then we had the last 'away from home' Christmas day. TOO much. Gid left his toys to go to Nama's, Pop-O's, and Nana & Papa's homes. All 3. Next year, we stay at home. We'll do Christmas Eve and family can come to us whenever, but I'm staying in jammies all day and Gid gets to play with all his toys and nap in his crib. YIKES He may not be in a crib, just his own bed. haha.

But our Christmas cards got sent (oh dude, that to-do list was long, but when it's all checked off, so very nice). Here they are:

Aren't the pics great? My sister, Katie, took them! She got the cutest pics of my baby in front of the tree in his nice clothes. You see, he got a little stool from Grampa Ivie for Christmas and he LOVES it, so all we had to do is set it by the tree early in the day with some books. We come in from taking pics and he sits down and reads. So CUTE!

 Merry Christmas!