Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

This could be several posts, but -excepting the last day- I'm going to quickly smoosh them all together just 'cuz I feel like it! Anywho...

So this last weekend was pretty wonderful.

It began on Friday, where, for work, I got to work a short shift and  help take the kids to the BYU planetarium. I'd never been to their planetarium, but the presenter did a good job and more importantly, my class was soooo good! They were the best behaved children in there! Granted, there were not good parts (poor Jessica had to deal with a puker and a child who literally peed on her) but overall, getting to go with to the planetarium was pretty exciting! Then I got to clean up and get stuff done as quickly as I could, then go home! I got to hang out at home, get in some web surfing, facebook, pinterest time and then went to chill at my sisters' to go to the mall with J. It was good I took her with me due to the whole 'I'm color deficient' and almost brought home blue pants when the whole reason I went was to get a pair of black and a pair of red!
I then came home to my darling hubby and got to watch some tv before we went to meet up with Brett and Jessa for some Heavy Gear!

Saturday was awesome. Chris and I slept in, got ready for the day, and went to pick up some new pretty orange dice for me! Yay new dice! Then we went and got his niece Chelsea and painted nails with my exciting new del sol color changing nail polish that Chris got for me during our trip to Moab! (I'll post about this later today when I can get the pics from my mommy.) Then we went to THE OREM SUMMERFEST! Now, you need to know that I love love love the summerfest. It's one of my absolute favorite summer things! I love the booths, the food, the carnival, the parade, and most importantly the fireworks. Last year, my wedding was on summerfest and it was a huge scheduling bummer, but Chris still took me to the fireworks! Well, this year we went and enjoyed the booths and food, then went to my friend Tyler's welcome-home-from-his-mission-open-house-party until we had to boogie back to the parade. Which was a blast. Chris got to see why parades are fun with me: I'm LOUD. (A trait I definitely got from my father!) We got to meet Dan (who it appears we may be voting for after all.) and have some fun interactions with people on floats and in the parade. Then we went back to the carnival (So I could get my airbrush tattoo :) and some hot chocolate) and then we watched fireworks!!!

Sunday we went to church at our home ward, which is always fun. We get to see people we know and people who know us. hehe. Then we had smoothie sunday and played with family and friends (I love running into Callie Jo!) and then we headed up to Salt Lake to begin our Anniversary Adventure at the Anniversary Inn. We had an amazing anniversary....that you'll get to hear about in the next post! hehehe.