Monday, February 27, 2012

Girls' Camp 2012

If you know know I am one of the hugest fans of girls' camp in the whole world. It's the best experience a girl can have to go out into the wilderness with a big group of girls of similar faith and have time to play and think, read and write, get close to those around her, and get in touch with who she is and wants to be! I loved my years at Shalom and wouldn't trade them for anything! Plus, who doesn't love learning how to make a fire or tie a bowline? Singing as you hike? Coming home literally covered in a layer of dirt? hehehe. So! I was beyond thrilled when in our first family ward, after Chris and I were called to be joint youth sunday school teachers (our ward is teeny so all the youth ages 12-18 meet in one class that Chris and I teach) so I got to love these girls, I was called as ward camp director. Talk about dream calling! And it was a good year for 'first time camp director' because it was a winter camp. It was only one night up at mutual dell. We did snow shoeing and snow caves. We did our one on one time, they called it solo time. We made some cute vinyl tiles and decorated journals. We got to do skits and play and sing and listen to great speakers and share testimonies. It wasn't a usual camp, and no camp fire was very hard for me, but it was a good mini-camp. They'll be doing a pioneer trek this summer as well, so they'll get another great like-unto camp experience there. Here are a few pics from girls' camp!
First morning at breakfast. My ward: aren't we cute girlies?

Making our tiles. Cute, no?
Can you also see the star board on the wall?
We wrote down moments where people shone on stars!

Cleaning, but aren't we awesome?

I'm crawling in a snow cave!!!

Playing in the snow

The final group pic! Aren't we shiny and goofy?

Debi and I were the leaders, had to have the 'new besties' pic!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


  As part two of my sweet husband's Valentine's gift to me, he surprised me by taking me to a concert! A band I've really enjoyed for a while is Hot Chelle Rae. Tonight, Tonight and I Like it Like That were huge favorites of mine. He knew this because I made him listen to them over and over! hehehe! It was a blast! Here are my 3 favorite pics from that night (it was hard to narrow down...but here they are:) If you can't tell we're wearing part two of my valentine's gift for him! Matching shirts... his says "Get Back Witch" and mine says "I'm not a witch, I'm your wife!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Ok, first thing first, you need to understand that Emily is not a fabulous gift giver. I try so hard...but I'm just...not. I always feel like my gifts are... sub-par. But I try. Well for valentine's day, I had flowers delivered to him at work. Additionally, he got me the cutest valentine's day dress! Then we went to The Roll-up, it's one of our favorite places, open late, and the atmosphere was perfect for valentines! I should have taken pics...but I didn't. hehehe.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chris' B-Day!

Let me tell you a tale about a boy who's not used to a girl who loves birthdays! This boy loves surprises but knows that the girl can't keep a surprise to save her life. He also knows surprising her is usually a bad plan -- because she can't plan. hehe. He knew she loves birthdays, so he wasn't very surprised when he got to do everything he wanted on his birthday, specifically watch his favorite movie that is not her style. However, he was very surprised when they go to his favorite restaurant (not a surprise yet) and find...

Yay for managing the first surprise of her life! (Hopefully the boy understands now that she knows she's able, the girl may not try to do this again... all month she was just trying not to tell him!) Balloons and colorful flame birthday candles, family and friends, and presents. So exciting!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So I'm cheating and post-dating so these will be in order. (buggins it will be if I don't!) February was a fun and busy month!
We had Chris' birthday, Valentines, a concert, and girls' camp!