Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chris' B-Day!

Let me tell you a tale about a boy who's not used to a girl who loves birthdays! This boy loves surprises but knows that the girl can't keep a surprise to save her life. He also knows surprising her is usually a bad plan -- because she can't plan. hehe. He knew she loves birthdays, so he wasn't very surprised when he got to do everything he wanted on his birthday, specifically watch his favorite movie that is not her style. However, he was very surprised when they go to his favorite restaurant (not a surprise yet) and find...

Yay for managing the first surprise of her life! (Hopefully the boy understands now that she knows she's able, the girl may not try to do this again... all month she was just trying not to tell him!) Balloons and colorful flame birthday candles, family and friends, and presents. So exciting!

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DeAnna said...

This was a great surprise!