Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Birthday!

   This year was probably my best birthday I can remember!
   First, Chris took me to Celtic Woman.
   The Sunday beforehand we got to have a 'joint birthday dinner' with Matt and Tam and the boys (Matt and I share a birthday) that was a lot of fun.
   Then work on my birthday was actually pretty good. Lots of 'friends' to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. hehe. And of course I took treats and taught them to sign the happy birthday song, then also taught them to sing what they call 'Miss Emily's Special Birthday Song' - the Los Hermanos birthday song. That night, Chris got off work early (Thanks Russell for switching shifts!) and we got all pretty (Chris was handsome...) and went to eat at the Olive Garden, then he took me to see Hunger Games which was pretty good.
   Then, that Saturday we had a DISNEY DAY! We slept in. We listened to Disney music and watched Disney movies, and most importantly played DISNEY SCENE-IT! My favorite game that, so far, I've never lost! Of course, people don't usually play with me because of the whole 'never lose' thing, but my sisters (and now my darling husband as well) make a special effort to play (and not be upset when I cream them) on my birthday! Lots of people helped make it wonderful! Brett and Jessa, Callie Jo, Mom, Ken, My three wonderful sisters: J, B, and K, and of course Chris!
   Then, a week or so later, we got to go to Los Hermanos with the family for my birthday song and lunch! That was awesome. I also got more birthday presents! 4 elephant necklaces this birthday=very good birthday. Have I mentioned I love elephants? hehehe.
   So yeah...epic birthday win!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman is a huge favorite of mine! I love their clear, beautiful, angelic voices! Their music is some of my favorites for naptime, sundays, St. Patties day, Christmas, and just for me time. Chris liked them ok, but knew that I LOVE them. On St. Patrick's Day he told me he'd gotten tickets to take me to see them the week before my birthday! Can I just say WAAAHOOO! BEST HUSBAND AWARD GRANTED! Come the day of the concert I was sick... but Chris said 'I'll carry you if I have to, you're going to see them sing!' (Did I get lucky or what?!) So we went and he helped me walk around, he got me a souvenir program, and we found our seats. In the first row of the stands. We were SO close. I wish the picture can do it justice. And boy did they sing! Sang like angels! It was so uplifting and fun. Chris was...enthralled. Now he understood how much I love them. The way they move in their fancy formal dresses, the way the musicians are part of the fun playing along, the way the violinist Mairead dances along, the lights the music...ah! I was...blown away. And anyone who knows me knows I'm not often blown away. Not a note off, not a bad vowel, not a icky sound, just...angelic perfection! (From the two who've been with celtic woman a while. The newest girl who's first tour this was [as she filled in for my favorite who stayed in Ireland] wasn't perfect, but she did well...she tried) At one point, I swear I could have touched Chloe Agnew (my favorite who did come) as she came off the stage and right by where we sat! It was...supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Here's the pic Chris took with his phone:

Sunday, April 8, 2012


This was our first Easter as a married couple. Oh I wish I had pics for you, but sadly, my camera has passed on. I love holidays, in case you haven't figured that out, and so this Easter we figured out how we like to do it. Mostly that meant 'this is how I like Easter' since he didn't really have a lot of things he wanted besides painting eggs (surprisingly, the thing I could do without. But we did it, he said he wanted to, we did it!) We almost made tomb cookies (but fell asleep before we did. haha). We did hide eggs for each other, got each other baskets and our Easter Outfits, and visited family. I made deviled eggs. It was good. We'll have to doll up again and post pics later of our Easter clothes. (don't hold your breath. we get cute and matchy a lot and we're more likely to take pics of new outfits!)