Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holy Guacamole!

So, guess what? I haven't written anything on here in a very long time. I don't usually stay on a computer long enough these days. And if I do, it's for work. But that's why I'm on now. I'm currently babysitting and the kids are napping. I've already cleaned their house, so what now?! Well, they just got a computer, and he pulled it out for me to use before he left. What joy! so guess what! New Post! This month I swear I'll update. For now, a quick catch up list, of things I'll post on and things that happened today and this summer so far that I'm very happy about!

Will post later:
-Morp- details and pictures
-Choir Tour to Seattle- description AND pictures
-17th Birthday
-Prom (oh yes, I WAS asked. crazy. I know)
-End of School Year
-Pioneer Trek Youth conference
-"Bright Readers" (will post later today! no worries!)

Here's all I'll say until I post more. Life is good. I've been very happy. I may be crazy sunburned from trek, and way tired from my "Bright Readers" program, but I'm in a great mood. Summer is great. No school, sleeping in-though I'm trying not to stay up too late, and just me time. In fact! I've been going to summer seminary when I can. And made a whole reading program! I've also been reading a lot still and writing journals. I know, whoda thunk! Still haven't gone swimming yet. But I think I will soon. 7 peaks pass use here I come!

Loving life. Summer is a good time.