Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Almost caught up! And I have no idea why i'm still awake and posting. Heads up, bad writing and poor grammar will ensue.
So let me tell you, this was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Chris made Christmas...epic.

The night before we went to my mom's and spent time with family. Barely sleeping, like always for me. He was so sweet though. Then I woke up and was amazed by presents. And Chris kept pulling them out! practically from thin air! Then church was fabulous. Then more time with family, doing a Christmas puzzle. Then after family had left my mom's, we packed up and went home. When we arrived, the apt (which I had been bummed I hadn't been able to clean for christmas) was cleaned! And chris had put even more presents under the tree! And we got to have Christmas just the two of us.

Remember those feelings of wonder you have as a kid? Where you feel like you got everything you asked for and more? Where Santa is the coolest guy in the whole world? Christmas feels warmer than any hug and happier than...anything else? This year with Chris... it felt like that again. Leading up to Christmas was super hard, transitions have never been smooth for me. I'm usually not a fan of change. I like traditions! So it really hadn't felt like a very good Christmas. No snow didn't help. Then, Christmas day... was more magical and memorable, and...perfect than it's been since I was a kid. Chris... I don't even know how to describe it... but he makes me feel more alive than I could feel without him. He IS my life at this point. I can't imagine life without him... it'd be too...dark to handle...

Anyways... Chris made Christmas super fantastic. I mean, I tried to make it great for him, but I'm a sucky gift giver. I'm good at decorating, music, food, and stockings stuff. But Chris... he puts the love and joy into Christmas to make presents and the mood all combine to magic.

So yeah. Best Christmas ever!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


and after thanksgiving, we got to go on a MAGICAL vacation!
Chris' company is amazing and they took everyone to Disneyland!
Here I will take you on a picture journey with us!

Our bed in the Grand California Hotel! So pretty right?

Gorgeous bathroom.

Carolers in the hotel lobby by the GIANT Christmas tree!

The first night, Chris took me to a Rain Forest themed restaurant. It was amazing. The best part: elephants! Disney Magic!

We got to see Mickey and Minnie! And they're all dressed for Christmas!

On the monorail. Can you tell I wasn't feeling so good? (Monorail gave me crazy motion sickness. worse than any ride. hehehe)

It's a small world all done up gorgeous for Christmas!

Chris in his aviator goggles, we're riding the tea cups!

See, teacups. We picked one that looked like my favorite tea set I had when I was little.

PRINCESS BELLE! We waited in line with all the little kids, talking about which princesses we hoped would be there, which aren't even princesses, etc. And my favorites were there! Belle and..


ToonTown. Chris. isn't he just sooo cute?

me...windy...driving crazy toon car. crazy driver in crazy car. scary idea right?

Chris insisted we go to the island. I'd never gone before. But look at the terribly dangerous pirate trap! Oh no! Chris!

After escaping the death trap, Cap'n Christopher found the booty he'd been looking for!

Isn't he so great? Perfect bod for an action figure, no? But I don't think he likes being stuck in the box.

And of course, my favorite part of the trip, where we spent a good chunk of time:
Here's the video which wouldn't load directly on here.

Going home was hard. Leaving the magic of Disneyland always is. But what a wonderful, magical adventure!