Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017: More Meaningful Moments

The first 'new year' that Chris and I spent married we made resolutions. They didn't happen. The next year we got the first year's done cuz they just...stayed. But we DID get our passports. So woohoo.

The following year we decided that instead of having resolutions we'd have a motto. ("What's a motto?  - nothin' what's a motto with you?") 2014- Shiny. I was determined to have a shiny, miraculous year. And guess what, I did! I got pregnant, we went to New York, and I had a shinier disposition that year.

2015's theme: Enjoy Today. I painted mantle letter blocks to remind me. And I focused on enjoying each day with my brand new baby. Finding something to be happy about each day really helped me savor that time while he was itty-bitty.

When 2016 came around there was no way I was taking down that Enjoy Today (I love it) but we chose MAGIC as our theme. We went to Disneyland and Harry Potter World and I found the simple magic in the little things with my son. (While enjoying each day, as we decided these are going to be continuous).

Here we are! 2017!
The motto for the year: More Meaningful Moments

It started with a late night with a sister at the end of 2016. We were watching OK GO's video: The One Moment which is super cool. It's all filmed in 6 seconds and then slowed down to fill the song in a way that was profound to me. We can MISS EVERYTHING if we don't pay attention and MAKE OUR MOMENTS MEAN SOMETHING. Then we watched an interview where he was talking about living his life to make More Meaningful Moments and I immediately paused to EUREKA! There's 2017's theme. We're going to make More Meaningful Moments. We're going to do, and enjoy, and make the most of every crazy-mom-of-a-2-yr-old moment! I'm looking forward to seeing what those moments CAN mean when I'm looking to squeeze all the meaning from each second.

I've made a big vinyl for my wall (since I'm not taking down that Enjoy Today, I adore it. Especially for my spring months when I don't really wanna change ALL my decorations.).

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