Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DIY Demin Roads

Today, Gid wanted to play cars and roads. We pulled out his denim roads (that I made for him for Christmas) and I realized I'd never shared!

Basically, last summer I found a pin and realized I had a bunch of old ripped pants I'd saved for ...something. I'm a crafty pack-rat. I acknowledge this.

And we took a few days to get it done.

The first day I just cut out a bunch of road shapes. Straight, curvy, turns, and intersections. Gid liked to lay down right on top of whatever I was cutting like a cat, so once they were all cut up, I was done.

The next time I pulled them out, I made a quick stencil (That link- it's my .studio3 file. You're welcome.) on cardstock. Yellow tulip soft fabric paint and a movie later I had some painted roads.

Then I packed them away so that when Christmas came around they were totally new to go with the new cars from his dad. I'm not looking forward to the days that I have to craft in secret from him.

Have so much fun! With your own roads, they are so fun! It's like the best of...train tracks and a road rug combined! Lots of combinations, fold up soft, and they take up a large space without the expense and required storage space.

Here's Gid (still in batman jammies, I know!) and his roads, and the pic that I posted to insta. He waited so patiently so that I could get a pic.

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