Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gid is 2! Party Post!

Our little monster is 2! Yikes!
So we had a party!

The white is the design. I grayed out the address, sorry friends who don't know where we live. (Though frankly, I can't imagine anyone reading this if they don't.) That zig-zag in the corner is where I cut out the 'monster bite'.

Then I spent my time prepping! Making banners, photo backdrop, signs, shirts, etc. I got googly-eyes galore and found a 'game' that could be a memory for Gid later. I ordered balloons and cupcakes.
Here's how it all turned out:

When you walk into the clubhouse:

 Let's start with the banner:
see the doors? Gid loves the Doors from Monsters.

"Blue Juice" (kool-aid) monster dispenser. :)

 smash cake monster with fuzzy monster cupcakes. soo cute!

Monster fruit. :)

We also had some of Gid's other fav. snack foods: cheese and crackers, lil' smokies aka "hot dogs," and chips.

We had a dice game where you roll to draw a monster. Everyone drew monsters for Gid. I'll make a book for him to enjoy later!

PHOTO BOOTH! I made the doors from butcher paper. Katie took pics of everyone who came!
(We won't include those. They got e-mailed) However, Nama and Gid was just too cute to resist sharing.

His shirt says "2 cute ...for a monster" while mine says "Momster." Chris also humored me by wearing a shirt that read "We've created a Monster!"

This monster is 2!

Cute Birthday Cake. Luckily his uncle had a match book in the car, cuz his scatter-brained mom forgot the lighter!

 He really enjoyed us singing, he made us do it again!

But would he just dive in and smash that cake like a 2 year old? OH no! My clean little monster demanded fork and knife.
He spent the time enjoying cutting and eating his cake. 

oh and sharing. can't forget sharing.

 We opened a few presents. (I can't STOP people from giving him presents. Especially grand parents. Spoiled little boy.)
Nama got him a pop=up tent that he HAD to play with IMMEDIATELY!

I also got him a little digital camera. Yes it's facing him, but he loves running around telling everyone to 'cheese!'

We were talking at the party about how much I save by having a talented family. So here's my quick 
Becca - my balloons are always perfect!
Eve - I pin someone making cute cupcakes and then you, amazing cake decorator that you are, make even better ones for me to show off. They're always a highlight of these parties!
Katie - pictures are the perfect present for us, every time! #photocred
Nama - My mom always shows up and gets to work and makes things happen so I can organize the things I planned and made and decorated and then enjoy my son's party. Then she stays late to help and make sure everything is all cleaned up. I can't imagine how she used to do OUR fancy parties without a 'her' to help. :) We're SO spoiled!

Another super fun party for this boy!

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