Friday, January 6, 2017


Oh man, guys, this was a full Christmas. I may have pushed a bit too hard.

We crafted our fingers off. Even Gid made thank you cards, took pictures, painted, stirred. Everything we made he stirred. The kid loves to paint and stir.

Then we had the last 'away from home' Christmas day. TOO much. Gid left his toys to go to Nama's, Pop-O's, and Nana & Papa's homes. All 3. Next year, we stay at home. We'll do Christmas Eve and family can come to us whenever, but I'm staying in jammies all day and Gid gets to play with all his toys and nap in his crib. YIKES He may not be in a crib, just his own bed. haha.

But our Christmas cards got sent (oh dude, that to-do list was long, but when it's all checked off, so very nice). Here they are:

Aren't the pics great? My sister, Katie, took them! She got the cutest pics of my baby in front of the tree in his nice clothes. You see, he got a little stool from Grampa Ivie for Christmas and he LOVES it, so all we had to do is set it by the tree early in the day with some books. We come in from taking pics and he sits down and reads. So CUTE!

 Merry Christmas!

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