Thursday, November 17, 2016

#CraftyCostumes or Adorkable Dress-up!'s been established that I'm crafty and a celebrant right?

so it's no surprise that I like to dress up (and make those around me do the same)

Chris has always been amazing about matching costumes, which is nice. Halloween has been awesome over the years:
2010: Star Trek
2011: Mermaid and Pirate
2012: Fighter Pilots!
2013: Monster and kiddo (Chris got to wear jammies.)
2014: Mummy and Vampire
2015: Star Wars
2016: 101 Dalmations
April 2014 I learned of the Salt Lake Fan-Xperience. It's like a ...bonus Comic-Con. I dressed up, each day. My favorite day was Chell. (If you haven't played Portal... Do.... ASAP. It's STILL my favorite video game ever. So great.)

So of course I went from then on. SLComic-Con 2014:
Han Jago, Leia Katie, Death Star me, Vader Chris and Stormtrooper Jacob

Comic-Con 2015:

 Thursday we wore our Harry Potter Costumes. 
Friday Firefly: Baby Jayne (thanks to Marilyn for the hat!), River mom, and Kaylee Tessa. (And we got to meet Levar Burton!)
Saturday was just Tessa and me. Portal and her companion cube.

Comic-Con 2016:
 Dr. Horrible Jacob, Captain Hammer Gid (that's a fun story in person!), and Fan girls. "We do the weird stuff!" ahahah! (oh, and another dr. horrible we found. forgot to get one with just us.)
 Friday was Harry Potter. Any chance to wear my new robes (see Harry Potter b-day for pics of said robes) and dress him up like the cutest little house elf! Tessa met the fat lady. :)

 Saturday I had my whole Turtle crew! (Gid LOVES turtles.) Tesssa made an adorable April in all yellow with her own hair. Turtles: Mikey Chris, Donnie me, Raph Gid, and Leo Katie. Jacob humored us with the mask as Casey. Pop-O was Splinter.

Then there's the trip (#momlovesmatchers)
The plan was Blue. So we Disneybound - Dory, Marlin, Nemo:

Mickey and Minnie: 

Harry Potter:

How about random events like-
FairyTale Festival:
Dragon Eve, Prince and Princess Seth and Julia, Fairy Mother me, Squire Gideon, Sir Christopher the valiant, and Little Red Tessa. :)

Dr. Seuss Day:
We've got stars on ours!

Harry Potter's Birthday:
2015: Ravenclaw and Mandrake (everyone else dressed up too.)

Here's most of the everyone else - we had quite the crowd. Not pictured: Chris and Dad.

Here he is again in his house elf costume! And my new Adult Robes! (cuz I can't ALWAYS dress as a student, at some point that kid will be a student and I need to be a 'grown-up'. I got my robes by apprenticing at Madame Marilyn's Couture Robes for the Modern Witch. ;) haha Eventually we'll make my other set. I'm really enjoying learning to sew without being a total failure.)

 I'm sure there have been other events I'm missing. We like to dress up. And I love to make them myself - or I should say put them together. We love our #CraftyCostumes!

This was actually a random Sunday where he ran away before he was totally dressed and LOOK how cute and Risky Business he looks. I love it!

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