Thursday, November 17, 2016


So now you've seen the journey to get the baby. But let me tell you - this baby was worth it!

The day he was born, he looked like a Call. His face, his hairline, his coloring, his temperament - Call. But he had my features, my lips, nose, and eye shape. It's fun to see how much he looks like my family as well, seriously he looks quite a lot like my baby brother Jacob did at that age.

And we loved him instantly.

He was a sweet tempered baby. Happy to snuggle. Crying to communicate, and the Halo 2 Theme song ALWAYS stopped his crying instantly.

He's been our joy.

Watching him grow has been an immense pleasure. Every day he discovers something new that he loves. He's so much like us- nerdy, emotive. He LOVES a 'show', a book, baths, and Mickey Mouse. He's sweet about dressing up for conventions and random holidays. He likes to be part of the conversation and show off his tricks - in his own time. He enjoys making choices - which direction should we go, which jammies to wear, which food or juice.

He's had object permanence since 6 months - not that great, let me tell you. When he's upset that he can't have the thing behind the door, that he shouldn't remember is there, it's hard not to capitulate. He's been signing for so long now that he speaks most the words he signs, but he knows he's more likely to get his way when he signs (I'm a sucker for word and sign, let me tell you).

He has favorite foods: hot dogs (or vienna sausages), apple juice, sauce, anything, bananas, crackers, cookies (which he also calls crackers), veggie straws, hummus (which always ends up painted all over him), noodles of any kind (cheese noo noos or mac-n-cheese the ultimate meal choice), cheese, juice, fruit snacks, and more. The kid will eat pretty much anything we'll give him, but once he can ask for it, he will.

He has favorite shows: TMNT, Mickey anything, Avatar (the last airbender), Star Trek, Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rogers/Daniel Tiger, Pixar Movies - Inside Out, Monsters Inc, Nemo, Monsters University are his favorites, but he'll also watch Cars, Incredibles, Toy Story, Wall-E, etc - Disney movies like Frozen, Tangled, and more.

We love our activities together. Playing outside, watching a show, our daily activity, reading books, playing bubbles, making food, pretty much any time we spend time together we're happy.

He loves his family. I love his names for these guys: Nana and Papa. NaMa. Pop-O. Yaya (Julia). B and Cam. Kitty (Katie). How (Howie the dog). Sessa (Tessa). SeeSee (Chelsea). Ex (Alex.) Mac and Dil. Then there are some we're trying to get him to say, don't be offended if he just says 'no' he'll get there eventually! haha.

I adore #OurKidGid can you tell? (p.s. in case you haven't noticed, that's his hashtag on facebook and insta you can find lots of pics of him with that tag.)

Attached is a vid Chris made for a digital media class all about Gid. Yes it's my voice, but it's his script and direction. haha.

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