Wednesday, November 16, 2016

tonight, tonight

ok it's 3:47 am.
I can't sleep.
I've been having this problem for a while and I'm sure everyone goes through days where they work their butts off and still can't sleep.
Tonight I've got thoughts in my brain so I'm blogging.

I've got catch-up to do. I've started, but here we are.
I've come back to blogging cuz I do a lot of fun stuff with my kid. And I can't really share all of it in social media.

For example-
I have a weekly activity schedule:
Make Something Monday.
Tactile Tuesday.
Wander someWhere Wednesday. oh, and I'm about to change that to Workout Wednesday!
Think Theme Thursday.
Fun and Friendly Friday. Gonna be Fun or Field Trip Friday!

every other Thursday morning we go to the library.
thinking about putting him in a 'toddler gym' on wednesdays.
we try to go outside every day. sometimes it actually happens.

but seriously- I attempt to do an activity a day with him. Today we did leaves. We took like...3 walks with his bucket and gathered leaves, then they went in his 'sensory tub' (that WILL become a sensory table someday!) and he played in them on the patio. Because the landscapers clear away leaves pretty quickly here (white people problems, I know!) I wasn't sure we'd get enough, and there's NEVER enough for a real 'jump in the leaf pile' pile, but it worked out ok. He climbed into that bin on his own and it was so cute.
We have a lot of fun on tactile days because it's like 'here- play with corn kernels? how do they feel? can you scoop them? etc' or 'MOON SAND' or baths. or messy things in the bathtub, then a bath.

But it's my make something Mondays that I craft or we craft. OR BOTH on a very fantastic Monday.
    This fantastic monday we made a fall tree on the wall. I cut the branches off the brown construction paper to make the trunk. They all got taped up. Then I cut the shape of the contact paper, peeled the corners and taped it up. Added tape to secure. Then Gid and I ripped up red, orange, and yellow tissue paper and put it in his bucket. Then he had tons of fun playing in the paper 'leaves' and scrunching them, and throwing them, and sticking them on the beautiful tree.
    I also finished a project I'll give him for christmas- jean roads. I cut up old jeans that we were getting rid of anyway, and shaped them into 'road' pieces. Some straight, some curvy, a few 'turns' and intersections. Well this monday I finally painted the yellow lines to make them look like roads. Excited to see him drive his cars on them for christmas.

Then there's the cleaning list:
I got THIS frame from ikea. Then I made my list on a day-to-day basis and printed them at Costco, put in flip frame and use dry-erase to check them off. Maybe someday I'll actually post the lists, yeah?

ok now it's 4:12 and the baby is up. so chris is up. so he's all 'why are you awake'? my favorite is 'just lay in the dark if you have to. eventually your brain will turn off, right?' maybe. more likely i'll get up and clean the bathroom like I didn't get a chance yesterday. or pull the laundry out of the dryer. or design j's shirts. or write on my calendar for the activities for this and next week. maybe decide what thank yous gid and i should make for thanksgiving and christmas. oh look, i missed the last few 'i's. time to give up. and try laying in the dark before I get back to mommin'.

Best part- while not 'super-happy constant ecstatic' like when i was preggo, each day I'm happy. even sad days really aren't that bad because, I'm a MOM. Livin' the dream. And Gid is ridiculously nice to me, even when he's a handful, just like he should be at almost 2. goodness he's 4 months away from turning 2. I already miss 'baby' Gid, and soon he'll be done being a toddler. I'll just keep Enjoy[ing] Today, every day, and make the most of it.

so tonight, tonight I guess it's time I sleep. I'll post those started catch-up posts soon, yeah?

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