Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Our Home

Ok, so while I do not intend to give you a tour of this home, I wanna take a sec to talk about some of my favorite decorating things we've done!

So when you walk in, there's an entryway with a giant calendar and scheduling stuff that takes you to the Family room (Kitchen + Living Room) and hallway. 
The kitchen is decorated with Black, Brown, and Red- as my hope chest kitchen stuff and then wedding gift dishes match the Tootsie Roll Theme (that Chris agreed looked nice and let me keep.)
Not sure if you can see my 'mod-podge'd tootsieroll wrapper LOVE and signs. but yeah. (also, I didn't show you the counters. It's...kinda clean right now, but hey, we live here.)
Family room is Black and Red. Here's the TV and shelves.
 Here's the 'mantle'. Right now I've got my Give Thanks pumpkins up. (flip them around for Halloween "Trick-or-Treat" and jack-o-lanterns)

So we walk down the cute picture-lined hallway, and there's a door marked as the bathroom. When we first moved in Chris and I agreed it needed to be a Disney bathroom. so BOOM-

Behind the door/across from the mirror are a few of our favorite disney characters with quotes. I cut the vinyl, but Chris (dear, wonderful man) cut the glitter paper silhouettes by hand.
 Next to it on the wall is the towel storage, I got three round baskets and mounted them to the wall to look like a Mickey Mouse head. Red and black hand towels and washcloths.
 Here's our big quote. "Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age, and Dreams are Forever."-Walt Disney. This pretty much sums up how Chris and I choose to live. :) You'll also note our little Mickey and Minnie plushies and ears from our first Disneyland trip together. And other random disney trinkets - Mickey & Minnie pez, disneyland crowns, etc.
 This image was taken at a weird angle so you could see if you're standing in front of the mirror, you'll see the quote and stuff above the toilet, across from the towels, and hanging quotes. 
 Back out of the bathroom. There's more rooms, like my craft/laundry/storage room. See the silhouette and desk on top of the washer/dryer? Then the laundry baskets on the wall and to the right is our storage. (*This photo was not taken today- it's not even close to this clean right now, I craft! This is from when the baskets went up)
Here's the library/guest room. What you can't see is that the air mattress is still on the floor from the last time Tessa stayed over...we try to have her over often enough that we don't feel the need to put it away. But I love our shelves. (Quick moment to express my frustration that Ikea decided to stop carrying them in black. only black-brown. which is bad, cuz we need a few more DVD towers in which color, oh right, BLACK. Sigh. Rant over.)

Oh! Nursery! Gorgeous gray crib from the Mathis Family, who I think got it from the McGibbons. The nursery vinyl mural was me. Isn't it gorgeous? The quote is kinda hard to read in this dark pic but it says "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do You Know How Loved You Are?" Couldn't decide on space or jungle, it became Elephants and Stars (my favorite parts of those two themes). 

And you're NOT gonna see my bedroom. It's not clean. It's never TOTALLY clean. I have yet to get my shadow box from Grampa Ivie and pictures actually mounted in there. Our bed is only made on days I KNOW for SURE I won't get a nap (which I do try to do regularly when he naps). Oh, we also don't have 'a bed' just a mattress on the floor (which I actually really like. cuz I just flop, and Gid can go up and down on it without any trouble. Someday my Grampa is gonna build me a beautiful magical storage bed without an ugly headboard (why do I hate them...not sure, but I do...) and so we're just gonna keep waiting. Cuz we're patient like that....and I like our mattress. 

Ta-Da! Decorations Shared!

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