Wednesday, November 16, 2016

4 Years of Vacations/Travel

Ok, first off, let's clarify that I am a huge nerd/celebrant - we do way too much fun stuff to put it all in here. Holidays are the big thing I'm thinking of that I probably won't post much of. That's life. see my socials.

However, each year we try to travel. Chris' job has been awesome about this, as well as family, etc.

so- in:

-Cali trip to visit fam

-Idaho trip to visit fam
-Anniversary Inn: Egyptian Adventure (Sultan's Palace room) for our Anniversary
-Digicert Disneyland December trip!
-Anniversary Inn Hawaii in December (and a big christmas [silhouette hooray]with our trip money)

-Anniversary Inn: Swiss Family Robinson Adventure for our Anniversary
-Em went on Atkinson's St. George/Zions Trip
-FAILED at going to Bahamas (salvaged with Florida trip)
-Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Florida
-Digicert Disneyland December trip? (can't remember when our last one was)

-Anniversary Inn: Cape Cod Lighthouse Adventure for our Anniversary
-June Wixom Family Reunion -Burley
-July 4th Boise/Emmett trip (with the roll-over car accident)
-November trip to New York!

-Jan. Gramma's Funeral Burley Trip
-Anniversary Inn: Rafting Adventure (Lake Powell room) for our Anniversary
-Em and Gid joined Atkinson sisters for Cali trip

-Nov. Idaho Trip
-BAHAMAS cruise (day Atlantis Resort to fulfill my bucket list of those slides!)

-Anniversary Inn: Venice Adventure for our Anniversary
-Cali: Disneyland, Harry Potter, Zoo Trip with Atkinsons
-Wixom Family Reunion in Burley

See Lots of fun Trips! (Also a lot of missing pics, and not enough time to talk about all the fun stuff we've done.)

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