Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catchup: Preference and Penny Wars

I went with Austin. Very fun. We were in a group with a bunch of the girls in my ward. Day date: Progressive Breakfast. We went to a bunch of the girls' houses and had bits of a giant breakfast. We ate lots of food (fruits, pancakes, eggs, bacon, pull aparts and smooties. (last two at my house)) and talked and played games like guesstures. Also very fun. :) Um...the pictures are awesome, cuz a private photographer gave us a pretty good deal and then he just put ALL the pics up online for us. Austin and I love to dance silly, and even though we were the only seniors in our group we hung with some other friends as well. Fun. Fun.

Penny Wars-
Well, our school has spirit points. Cuz we're awesome. One of the things to get points is a week long 'penny wars' each cent is a point. If it's from a penny, it's positive. If it's from anything else, it's negative. So, my friends and I, cuz we rock, collected 2 BUCKETFULLS of pennies. OH YEAH. one night it was mostly just me and tyler and austin. Though Jonny brought the starting, we continued. Jonny started and added a lot for the first bucket. Apparently by the end of the week, the banks in the area of our high school were EMPTIED of pennies! carrying this bucket gave austin bruises. scary huh?!
VIDEO OF DUMPING THEM. $190 of pennies. CRAZY! You can see Austin's hands...hahaha. And hear him and Jeff a lot. And a bunch of random people like, WHOA and OH MY GOSH and HOW MANY IS THAT? HOW DID YOU GET THOSE? etc. Well, after clearing some banks, we hit walmarts and gas stations.
Now, would you believe it, we LOST. a couple teachers wrote CHECKS to cancel out our money. Jerks. I know. But we sure did make the school a LOT of money!

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