Wednesday, April 22, 2009


k... so I was reading blogs, (nightmares. can't sleep) and i ran across one on my aunt Dana's page. (the link can be found on mom's page...) It was about sleepovers. It was... extremely long and so I didn't read through the whole thing. I have my own opinion about this, and, while i didn't wanna leave it as a comment on her page, I wanted to say something about it here. Here's what I think: My parents have almost always said no sleepovers. However, I've had a few special exceptions. And I have 2 things to say. 1-a lot of teens (and kids) are stupid and do stupid stuff during sleepovers. 2-HOWEVER, some kids aren't. the very few sleepovers i've had have just been fun, and have been good memorable experiences. so! i agree 3/4 of the way with Dana. Pick other options- I LOVED late-nights (as we called them) growing up. I went to a lot of sleepovers and left and went back the next morning. And there's a LOT of fun stuff you can do that's not even at night! But the RARE sleepover can be ok, I can list mine. 1st was with Callie. She lives down the street from me and is in my ward. We puff-painted shirts and watched old movies, took silly pictures, and talked until we passed out we were so exhausted. Then I can't remember any until Marin. (see, rare. I remember dozens and dozens of awesome late nights!) She wanted to come with our family on our family trips, mom let her sleep over cuz she'd stay over late and her parents preferred she stay over to her coming home and possibly waking them up. So mom was really nice about it. Then her parents said they'd help pay if she wanted to do summer stuff with us, BUT if she went with us, I had to come stay up at their cabin with them. I remember really missing my family (having not been used to sleepovers) and having a fun time. We rode 4-wheelers (during the day) and just talked at night! The rest of the sleepovers we've had have been at my house, or in relatives' homes. So I think my mom got it right. I've had the few experiences, I've had some really fun sleepovers. But, I've also had LOTS of really fun late-nights. And I know that my mom found a balance. I think that my mom has always been wonderful in that I knew what was right and wrong. I'm definitely not stupid enough to mess around with ouija boards or drinking. And mom, being the loving angel mom she is, knew that. And trusted me enough to give me some great experiences. WAY TO GO MOM! hehehe. quote to wrap it up: "Man always travels along precipices. His truest obligation is to keep his balance. -Pope John Paul II" That's the point. Happy mediums always win. (like my Mom!)Ok. that pretty much covers what was on my mind! hehe.


DeAnna said...

You just have to let the Spirit guide!!

Dana Williams said...

If you would have kept reading you would have noticed all of the fun ideas, instead of having sleepovers, like late-overs. etc. So some of your great ideas were already in the article. :)

Emily said...

oh no. I saw them. I mentioned them, I thought. But I'm just saying that it's the BALANCE that works best. allowing opportunities for trust and choice, but after lots of safer learning situations.