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Catchup: Summer

OK! So, school ended. Woots. :)

Trek- So, I got to go on a Pioneer Trek for my stake's youth conference in 2008. Very fun. Um... wow, I dont' even know what to say. I kept a very good record in my journal though. I think I wrote more than I did anything else. Um... I had... 37 pages. For any details you might want, ask a question in comments, e-mail, or a message on facebook.

Road Trip- So we drove an RV to Nauvoo and back. Really cool. I have 40 pages in the same journal on that. June 23rd to June 29th. Comments I found funny in my journal: I informed the reader of what everything meant, "I also laugh a lot and put a Lot of smileys and camps and underlines. I'm going to mention here that this is because I like to write as I'd be speaking. So ya, I smile, make faces, laugh and set words apart using tone inflections. The underlines are mostly italics-because (though sometimes my writing is unclear -or squiggly due to bumps from writing while driving, well, riding) I can't write in italics well. So the caps are also stressed words." HAHA! I was listening to the 100 best of the 80's and think "Jessie's girl is only #20? CRAZY!" I had no cell service for more than half of the trip and "I see why they call Wyoming the armpit of the west. There's nothing. (haha, that was underlined)" We stopped at a museum mom's friend suggested and "I thought one of the best parts was the "Mormon Ferry." It was "rebuild" by the stake here. We're EVERYWHERE. haha." (I think by WE, there, I meant, "mormons".) Later, "After much driving and boredom I went to the back and took a nap with Julia- AFTER we sang through all of Wicked." (I then go into details about our singing.) I title every day (did in all the days of my journal) and I titled one day (Wednesday) "The Long Drive to Missouri" and the whole day, I find stuff to write about -3 pages worth. Um...yeah. There's a lot in here... So, again, any questions... ASK. (This is also on mom's blog. But if you wanna know anything in specifics, I have my journal.)

Bright Readers- I'm just gonna paste the info from the Packet I gave to the parents. It was a great experience, a ton of fun, and I learned a lot about kids.
Hi, I'm Emily, and I was trying to think of something I could do for my summer job that would be fun and not require me to give up my “last childhood/teenage summer” freedom.
After speaking with a friend, for whom I frequently babysit, I had an idea. I love reading and books, which I attribute to my dear, angel mother taking me to the library weekly during the summers when I was a child. Because of her time, I learned to love books, and later I began to read more and more. I now read a few novels a week, and one of my favorite things to do is to read.
So I decided that I would love to make a program to help kids fall in love with books. There are so many great books out there! That's where you come in. My “Bright Readers” program (Bright as in summer and smart! Haha) will be a lot of fun, and I'm very, very excited. I've chosen to hold my program over 14 Tuesday and Thursday mornings this summer. Each day will have a theme, activity, and at least one featured book. Most days we will be going to the library, and will attend the “storytime” they have there, in addition to time for the children to find new books. This information packet will tell you all about it.

Dates, Themes, Books and Daily info:

Featured Books
Other Information
June 10
Meet the Library

June 12
Dr. Seuss
Books by Dr. Seuss
Bring a hat (silly is best)
June 17
Silly Monkey
Curious George Books
Bring a Banana
*June 19
If you give a...
The If You Give a... books

July 1
Going on a Bear Hunt
Bring a Teddy Bear
July 8
Very Hungry Caterpillar
Grouchy Ladybug

*July 10
Pokey Little Puppy
The Pokey Little Puppy

July 15
Let's Get Wet!
Better Not Get Wet, Jesse Bear
At Park, wear something to get wet in
July 17
Wild Fun!
Where the Wild Things Are
At Park
July 29
Willie the Whiner

*July 31
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?
Wear your favorite color
August 5
There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly
Bring a snack
August 12
Your Child's Favorite
Bring your child's favorite
*August 14
End of Summer Party
You are Special


Q. How much will this cost me?
A. A $5 enrollment fee, for a Bright Readers book bag, and $5 per child per day attended. Payments will be at the end of each two week period (marked on the schedule above with an *).

Q. What time and what is the attendance policy?
A. Each day will have a 2 hour program, starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending around 12:00 noon. You do not have to attend all 14 days. If you choose not to attend one, I would like to know the day before. You will also need to sign your children in and out each day you attend, for billing and security purposes.

Q. What age group is this for?
A. Mostly ages 3-7 with a few special exceptions for 2 year olds

Q. Where will we meet?
A. You have two options. Option A-costing you $1 more per trip, you can sign a waiver and I will pick up your child at your home to take them to wherever we are meeting. I will bring them home after as well. This eliminates your driving time, and makes it a little easier on you. The extra dollar is only because of gas prices that I hate so much. Option B-you are more than welcome to meet us where we will be that week. I only ask to know when you will want which ever option.

Q. What will you do each day?
A. We will go to either the library or the park, depending on the activity. The days we go to the park are marked on the dates list. They are July 15th and 17th.
Days when we go to the library have a schedule as follows:
Start Time
Approx. 30 min.
Sign in, Return old books, look for new books
Approx. 30 min.
Library sponsored “Storytime” (more info. available online)
30 min.
Decide on new books, check out
30 min.
Theme book and activity.
12:00 noon

Pick-up or Take Home and Sign outs

Q: Tell me everything about book check-outs.
A: Each child will pick two books to check out each day. I will check them out using my library card. They will be put directly into that child's book bag to be taken home. I strongly encourage taking the time to read these books at home sometime before the next program day. If not, that's ok, but they will not check out new books, unless they wish to return them without reading them.
I will require you to pay any fees for late books and let you know as soon as possible. But hopefully that won't be a problem at all if they are kept in book bags, especially since we meet more often than the three-week due date.

Q. Is there any paperwork I need to fill out?
A. Yes. If you choose to participate you'll need to fill out an Emergency Information sheet that I will need with your $5 for enrollment, the driving waiver is simply the last signature on that information sheet. Additionally, there will be the sign in/outs previously mentioned.

Then I included a sheet to fill out Emergency Info. Great Stuff. Lots of Fun.

Trip to Idaho- 10 journal pages. Lots of fun... not much to say here. Ask for details? If you REALLY want you should just borrow my journal sometime. :)

Girl's Camp- We were TMNT in a Superhero theme. Motto: "Get Your Shell On." I didn't finish filling out my journal. Dumb. I did however take quite a bit of notes that I really enjoyed.
Last official year as a YCL. Didn't tan. Got very dirty. Loved the hike. Loved spending time with my sisters. Love Camp. Best place in the world.

Family Reunion- Interesting and fun. We went to Heber and rented a cabin. We took family pictures, had a talent show, went to the alpine slide and such. Except the usual cousin drama, it was fun. I played a lot of hearts. :)

Well...that pretty much covers the summer. Besides all the time I got to spend hanging w/family and friends...and that's just always fun.

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