Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catchup: Morp, 17th B-Day, and Prom

Morp: So, I can't find the pics. It was long ago and very fun. I went with Cory, and we dressed up as a couple from the 20s. Very fun.

17th B-Day: Ok, I know I'm a stinker. Also no pics. I didn't wanna do anything. So, I went and babysat the Leifi kids. Boy do I love them. That was very fun! Even if everyone was mad at me...

Prom: Tyler asked me. Isn't he nice? He put the message on the back of a puzzle. When completed and flipped over (tricky), it said something like, "When we talk computers, it makes my 'mother board'. But without linux life would be a 'piece' of crap. Will you go to prom with me?" That is not exact, as the puzzle refused to stay on my wall, and so is in a pile somewhere...which one, I'm still looking. The funny things: a-we met by talking about linux, deal with it. b- it was a puzzle of a map of the US, the class which we first had together in sophomore year. Fun stuff eh? I replied by putting, "of course" in a bunch of file formats on a flashdrive, which I had delivered to him. He was really nice and fun the whole way through. Our group was HUGE, but we had a blast. His friend Aaron took a friend of mine, Holly, and we laughed ALL through dinner. Tyson (also in our group) took my friend Marin (yes, THE marin!) and we danced all crazy and had a blast as well. Overall, very fun night. The pics are there for your viewing pleasure.

(More catching up coming now!)

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