Thursday, April 30, 2009

OH! things to mention!

OK! so, as mom mentioned on a comment, I need to actually tell you guys what 'pride of the pack' is! We got a new principal this year, a great guy and awesome principal. He's been really into school pride, spirit, and being awesome. haha. He has been really into keeping the school clean -we got new trash cans in the parking lots- and having each student matter. He will talk to you in the halls, shake your hand, ask you what you wanna do, etc. Well, he came up with a new school award. It's the 'pride of the pack.' As T-wolves, one motto you'll see at our school is 'the strength of the wolf is the pack, the strength of the pack is the wolf.' So, if you do something cool to represent the school, you get recognized. He has you come to his office, and they record a quick spot on "t-wolf tv" (our student-produced video announcements) about what you did, and he gives you a cool hat! Well, being a relatively average student, I wanted one REALLY badly. I have one friend who has gotten several (sterling scholar and newspaper layout). Well, when I won state, Mrs. Weight turned in a thing to him to say that I did something awesome to represent the school! SO!!! Today I get to go in there! When the video is put online, I'll make sure to post it! So, now you know!

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You are so awesome!