Sunday, April 19, 2009

Personal Progress and Easter

Well, I'm caught up. As these are just this last week, I'll say they're on time! WOOTS.

Personal Progress-
So! First you have to know that I had given up on Personal Progress. Which had been a source of contention between my mom and I. In January, a friend (tyler) and I were talking about his eagle scout project (FINISH IT BOY!) and my personal progress. Looking at what I had left, I decided that I could work on it REALLY hard and finish the experiences, doing a value a month, and finish before my 18th b-day. I decided to keep it a secret. He agreed to keep it a secret, and remind me of it and help me out. Well! Guess what guys, I'm finished. I did a pretty darn good job of keeping it secret as mom had no idea.

On her birthday I got to tell her. Here's the video. It's also on my facebook. Yes, I had Julia record it so you could see her face. (and so I'd have it forever). She thinks she looks silly, so I'll just make sure you know it's cuz she's trying not to cry. I thought it was a pretty good birthday present for a mother. WOOTS.

Easter- Easter was good. This year the easter bunny was smart and just put my eggs in my basket, I didn't even have to find them! Awesome huh? And I loved going to church on time (even if I had to sit through sacrament meeting by myself.) It was good. And I enjoyed it thoroughly. This Easter was special as I had just finished my personal progress and really know that while I'm not perfect, I'm not totally worthless. Usually, I'm EXTREMELY grateful that the Lord allows me to repent, cuz I really suck. This year, while I'm still extremely grateful, I had a happy sense of doing good, and knowing that He's pleased. It was...really really nice.

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