Tuesday, April 21, 2009

mutual crazies

So! as you know, today was my last official mutual as a 'young woman' before I'm 18. What you prolly don't know is that I'm NOT in a presidency. I have virtually no responsibilities in my class and shouldn't. But somehow, on sunday, I got volunteered (without really volunteering) to...plan and prepare the joint ym,yw mutual activity for today! I mean, REALLY? They knew what they essentially wanted to do, and they had a few ideas, but they wanted it all organized out. SO! I got to do it and e-mail it to the YW pres. last night!

So...here it is. I thought it was pretty cool, and it seemed pretty fun. The "bonus missions" were different for each group and that part the yw pres took care of. It was stuff the bishopric suggested or that we had materials to deliver.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Find and complete as many assignments as possible. For each you complete you will get the point value assigned. Get as many points as possible and report back to headquarters (Sis. Day's home) at 2000 hours (8:00).

Parameters (Rules):

  • You may not repeat any missions.

  • You may complete only one mission per location (home).

  • You must have the signature of your service-receiving citizen witness (the person you help).

  • You MUST report in on time. Each minute you are tardy will result in a point deduction. (You lose one point per minute you're late.)

  • There are 3 types of missions. 1-Crazy 2-Service and 3-Bonus. The higher the type number the more points it's worth. Completing the Bonus Missions in your envelope will result in bonus points.

The list here was awesome. A table and whatnots. But I've already learned those don't copy over so well. SO! List of Items Type 1, and how much they're worth.

Run around a flagpole-10

Do a dance for an elderly ward-member-15

Play leap frog with a child-10

With a child, play a game of their choosing-20

Sing a lullaby-10

Read 2 children a story-10

Sing around a fire hydrant-5

Hop down a sidewalk-5

And level 2:

Change a baby's diaper-45

Wipe off a counter-15

Clear a table-15

Handwash dishes-25

Load a dishwasher-20

Vacuum a room-20

Clean a toilet-50

Clean a mirror-15

Clean the gutters-25

Mow a lawn-25

Pull 15 weeds-25

Garden Chore of Homeowners' Choice-25

Wash a car-20

Check the oil in a car-20

Change a tire-45

It was pretty fun. I think it might have been better with more time. And a few more things, etc. Anyways! FUN STUFF. Posting again soon! :)

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