Monday, March 8, 2010


So this morning I was super bummed, I was told to expect some sort of info as to the status of my job interview by Monday, and as it is Monday and I'd gotten nothing I was pretty sure that things hadn't gone as well as I'd hoped and that I was gonna have to resume the job hunt :( BUT! Then at 3:56 I got the call! I was a bit worried at first, but then they told me they do want me for the position! SO! On Wednesday, I am going in for a TB test at 11 and at 12:30 I'm going in to Just For Kids in Springville to fill out paperwork and learn details! SUPER YAY! I GOT A JOB!


DeAnna said...

I think I am probably the happiest mother alive right now!! Just so you all know...Emily is going to be a preschool teacher. Not an assistant teacher, an actual teacher! I am unbelievably proud of you, Em! I know you will do great!

Dana Williams said...

Yeah! Yeah! Good luck with all of it. You'll get so many blessing from being in a profession that benefits others.

Anonymous said...

Emily this is great news.We have always been proud of you. Way to go. G. Fuhrmann

Kim said...

Emily! I'm sooo happy you GOT THE JOB! You are an angel to work with and we just love you!
Your blog is cute and I love your adoration with elephants. Don't you just LOVE how they protect and encircle their young? I do and feel (strongly is too mild) ferociously that we must do the same! :)
Love you cutie!