Tuesday, March 2, 2010

thoughts of the current moment

I got home from my interview today (I got a call around 10:30 asking me if I could come in to interview at a place I'd submitted my resume to(haha yesterday!) today at 12:30. Of course I went in! It was a beautiful facility, super clean :) and organized. I think it went well so I really hope I can get this job! Cross your fingers for me!) and realized I didn't really have much to do until I go to the allyse's fitting tonight, and since I'm back in blogger mode, I thought to myself, I should go blog. :D
Right well so I was looking at my Aunt Dana's blog and thought it was pretty cute (layout wise is the point specifically mentioned here, but her content is too. :) ) and so I went to the site she got it at, and started looking at the free stuff and just was dying from all the cute and awesome buttons. So I just had a put a few in here-ready for the awesome?!

By Leelou Blogs Leelou Blogs
eh...Leelou Blogs by Leelou Blogs

cool, yes? :) I may try one of her blog layouts, it's got elephants. I LOVE elephants!

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Dana Williams said...

good to see ya busy blogging. good luck with the job. cute blog.