Monday, March 1, 2010

The Christmas Season

So Our Christmas Season is always super busy! And I'm not entirely sure what to post, cuz I can't just give a list of...wait a minute! Here is the list that was my Christmas Season!
  • Forgotten Carols-now I love the forgotten carols cd and book to death, they're FABULOUS, but going to see the show? ew. I've never enjoyed it, but I went, and watched the signers, which made it ok. :)
  • Pioneer Christmas land?-IDK what it was called but we spent an evening at This is the Place Park? walking around in the snow, singing, hearing stories, etc. Super great.
  • Christmas Show at Velour with Julia, Karli, and Tyler-

  • we ended up waiting in line...a lot, but we got some great pics, an got to see Early Summer (which was why we went, my friend Trevor is in that band! they're great! See earlier post!)
  • Lights up at Temple Square=gorgeous
  • Christmas Day! Wonderful Fun!
  • P.s. I got what I asked for-camera and books. YAY!

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