Monday, March 1, 2010

Trip to California for Brianne's Wedding

My fam took a quick trip for the first weekend in February down to California for my cousin's wedding. It was lots of fun, the whole trip. I got to get things ready and we left early Thursday morning. We stopped, of course, at our favorite stop- the PlayPlace of Primm. In Primm there's a Carl's Jr. with the BEST playplace ever-as evidenced by the video!
We got there Thursday evening in time for a bonfire on the beach at sunset. Beautiful. The 'natives' were all cold and shivery, but we were like "There's no SNOW! It's BEAUTIFUL and WARM here!" hehe. So that was fun.

Friday morning we got up early to get ready and head down to the temple. Isn't this such a beautiful temple?
My mom made the comment that it looks like a Nephite temple and I TOTALLY agree! I'm thinking it may be my new favorite! :D

We spent that day with family doing wedding type stuff. The reception that night: beautiful. The newly weds looked super happy, eyes shining. YAY!!!

That night, my great uncle died on his way home from the reception, so we stayed an extra day to be with family.

The next day we came home. :D And that was our Cali trip!


Brianne said...

woohoo! i am seriously so glad you guys made it. your fam is the best! :)

Anonymous said...

Very creative,I like it.