Monday, March 1, 2010


I've decided that with the exception of Halloween, Christmas, and New Years, I'm going to smush all these holidays together really quickly! HAHA. cleverness. :) SO HERE WE GO!

4th of July- was super fun. Tyler took me to his grandparents' for the day! :) They had a little...fair/carnival...thing at the park that we walked to after going to a parade. It was fun. Fun Story: Walking home from the park, Tyler and I totally got lost and took forever, despite his having an Iphone, isn't that why he pays so much for it?! to avoid such situations?! oh well! :) I rode home with his mother in time to nap and have fireworks with the fam! :D yay! BTW, yes I WAS in red, white and blue. Such is the tradition!

Thanksgiving/Black Friday-was pretty typical. Super sleepy, nice day with mother and sisters doing a fabulous job with dinner (I'm such a bugger. I didn't help much. Not that I COULD help much, I just get in the way with so many in the kitchen.) But then we look at ads and watch movies. It's what we do. :) Black friday was...interesting. I got presents for christmas and cds etc (I used to with dad as a kid, and I can't stop!) and guess what? a BIKE! SO EXCITED!..too bad it's cold

Valentine's Day- I had a few 'valentine's day's due to it being on a sunday, and my best guy friend going away for the weekend. So, we had a friend date on Thursday (before he left) and went to see Dear John, which btw, isn't worth it. Sad does not equal romance people! Then we went to see Glenna and have a bit of an adventure, taking mom ice cream and seeing her at work. Then Tyler and I went to discovery park (BEST PARK EVER!) to draw with the candy conversation hearts that are disgusting and chalky anyways. These were a year old anyways, ew, but they worked. :) FUN STUFF.
The next day I hung out with Karli, and we had the 'threepover' three day sleepover. She was here Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and I took her home on Monday morning! INSANE right?! Sunday I got all dolled up, and felt super cute, and then hung with my besties, Karli and Julia. :)


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