Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hi guys. Well it's been over a year, ridiculous right? Well... let's catch you guys up really quick! (unlike my normal tons of info posts!)

Last time I posted I'd just gotten a new job at JFK (Just For Kids). I worked there for 8 months. March-October. I had a blast with my team teacher and actually got to love my little one-year olds! I loved doing newsletters and calendars, lesson plans and cleaning lists. But I had a really hard time with sketchy management, and finally it was too much for me to
take. So...I quit. :S But I will always have good memories of my babies and dear friend MaeMae.

Then came Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was looking for work, but taking a break. Working on Christmas stuff. I was, at this point, seriously dating my wonderful boyfriend Chris, and I spent a lot of time with him. Thanksgiving and Christmas were a blast and we popped around
between my parents' houses and his parents' house-as they live across the street. I'll post all about us later, but for now we'll just say, things with us were starting to get serious...

With the New Year of 2011 came a new job as a teacher at A to Z Building Blocks! It's super great and I still totally love it. From Jan-March I was in the two year old room, getting to love on my little ones, and now I'm upstairs as an official preschool teacher working with 3-6 yr olds. I love all my friends here, my boss, the environment, etc. I still do the newsletters (can I just say that I think they're totally GORGEOUS!?!) and love cleaning.

This new job brought about a new place to live as well! I moved in with a team teacher, and totally love it. I'm not always there as other things come up and it's not far from home, but it's nice to have a place of my own. Even if I have to pay rent and utilities, and internet, and deal with roommates...yikes. But it's good for me! :D

In February, some...big stuff happened. I got my patriarchal blessing on Feb. 2nd and it was an amazing experience that I'm so very grateful for! and then...

I got ENGAGED! Would you believe it? I'm WAY too young to get married, but things with Chris wonderful. My way of thinking just... turned around. When Heavenly Father gives you a giant super happy blessing you don't say 'eh, no thanks!' :D It was a really funny story that I'll just have to post later. But we're super happy, despite all the stinky wedding planning, and I'm actually very excited to be his wife. Mrs. Emily Call... has a nice ring too it, doesn't it? :) p.s. isn't my ring perfect and gorgeous!?!


DeAnna said...

I do think Emily Call has a nice ring to it. Also, cute blog!!!

Dana Williams said...

Wow! Call Emily has a new meaning for me. Love ya!