Friday, June 3, 2011

Insane Wedding Update

First can I begin with: WEDDINGS ARE SUPER INSANE!

ok, now I just have to say, enjoy this beautiful blog layout for just a week or two more, cuz then I gotta change it to 'teh cwazy wife' ...and i'm not 19 anymore either. cwazy, but i'm 20. getting married at 20-insane. but i'm doing it!

Updates on all things wedding:
  • My dress is insanely gorgeous. (that's right, insane is the topic of the day) Pam Weight of Gowns by Pamela has been my graham cracker lady since I was little, and lucky for me she loves me back, cuz she's...well...essentially custom designed the PERFECT dress for me to RENT! YAY PAM WINNER OF THE INSANELY-AWESOME AWARD!
  • My announcements/invitations turned out great. It was less work than I expected, though going back and forth with the printer was a big tedious. But they turned out insanely gorgeous. Super thanks to Maren from Elegant Wedding Announcements, Karli (who saved the day driving to layton to save us time on shipping) Mom, Megan, and my sisters (who helped put address labels on and organize etc)! And everyone who helped collect/send me addresses! I'm insanely grateful!
  • My pictures that go on the announcements turned out insanely super-fabulous! THANKS MARTA! Everyone say a little prayer for her recovery from her recent surgery, she's still doing our pictures for groomals and wedding day!
  • The food will be INSANELY DELICIOUS! So excited for strawberries with chocolate from the chocolate fountain and my favorite dump cake cobbler. (There will also be peach cobbler, a smores cobbler, and apple caramel cobbler!) I repeat: INSANELY DELICIOUS!
  • Chris got me an insanely amazing mattress (isn't he a sweetheart?!) and has helped with everything.
  • We got our marriage license. Insane.
  • My bridal shower was an insane amount of fun. I got to eat strawberries (noticing my favorite?) and got a lot of really great gifts! Thanks everyone!!! (especially a shout out to my maid of honor Megan and my 'other mother' Becca Mathis! :D)
  • I take out my Endowments soon, insane!
  • My wedding website turned out INSANELY ADORABLE! (and insanely useful. Look! Really, Look!)
  • I pick up my insanely gorgeous dress on Tues and get my nails done for my groomals on Wed done by insanely fabulous Marta.
  • Friday I don't have insaneo work, and then get to have an insane amount of fun with my gorgeous cousin Aub, followed by dinner and bonfire for my family! I'm SO INSANELY EXCITED!

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DeAnna said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling insane. Love you!