Saturday, June 11, 2011

the official wedding post

June 11, 2011 was... a magical day!

I woke up and for the first time since our engagement I was a little bit nervous. After my favorite fancy breakfast mom made just for me (carmel pull-a-parts) and quite a while with Christel (my wonderful hairdresser!) and Karli (the bridesmaid who stayed the night with my sisters and me) getting beautiful, mom and I rushed to the temple. I'm proud to say I was not late! Though I admit I thought I would be. hahaha.

I can't imagine anything more beautiful than the time I spent in the temple waiting to be sealed to my husband- humming together to calm me down. Except maybe, actually being sealed to my husband. The most wonderful man in the world...became mine for eternity.

We do have a funny story though. While I was getting ready, Chris, well Chris was ready far more quickly. And, while my Chris is artistic, funny, kind, hard-working, and a more perfect man (for me) than I ever dreamed could exist, sometimes he's not the best listener. So when he finished getting ready, he headed to go right outside.

Luckily, a friend of ours (Thank you, Jillian!) was working in the temple that day and stopped him. I wish I could have been there for the "where are you going?" We're so fortunate she made him wait for me so we got to have our 'WE'RE MARRIED!' exit from the temple. So happy!

The rest of the day, we just had a LOT of fun! This is probably my favorite picture to illustrate all the fun we had! The day was sunny and perfect and we took some pics in sunglasses!

Our families being with us added immensely to our joy. And didn't the pictures turn out great?!

After pictures, we went to Los Hermanos (our family favorite Mexican Restaurant) for a wonderful luncheon hosted by my new family. It was super exciting because my family growing up went to Lost Hermanos for almost every birthday and most family occasions. So it meant a lot to me that Ken and Marilyn reserved a place that already meant so much!
We even got to sing the Los Hermanos Happy Birthday song to my cousin!

Then we got to set up our Celebration. (I never really wanted a fancy reception. Luckily Chris agreed to a big casual party outside.) So many people helped set up, and the decorations Mom found were super fabulous, fantastic, and most importantly, fun.

We had a ring ceremony to include our loved ones in sharing the joy of our union! It was great. My bishop officiated, but really, I just loved the chance to express my feelings for Chris and hear his beautiful words for me. It was wonderful. Mac (our darling nephew) was our ring-bearer. He
did such a great job!

Now I have to tell you about all the
FOOD! That's right,
I threw down THE
adjective of all adjectives!
(and many others)My Grampa and Ken
spent quite a while
making dutch oven
They were super delicious and perfect for me (because I'm not really a fan of cake.) Then Mom and many helpers helped with chocolate fountains and lots of yummy things to dip.

Speaking of all those many helpers - I really really need to tell them all a big THANK YOU! I've been working on our Thank you postcards, but that task...has yet to be completed. I can't wait to unlock that achievement. But I am enjoying expressing my thanks. I'm so grateful for the many hours put in by so many loved ones coordinating, planning, and making those plans come to pass. :) Off the top of my head: thanks to my angel mother (who put in more time than anyone else), my new mom and dad, my maid of honor Megan, my bridesmaids- Karli and Callie, my sisters (Julia, Becca, Katie, Wendy and Tam), my aunts (who were my mom's extra hands and emotional support. thanks for making it fun for mom too guys!), my grandparents (all 4 sets- Atkinson, Fuhrmann, Call, and Ivie), my brothers (The list more than quadrupled! Jacob, Jim, Matt, Dave, and Brett), my dad, my new nieces and nephews, extended family (aunts, uncles, and cousins from all 4 sides of the family), members of the Aspen 5th ward (home ward for both Chris and I), and all the others who love us!

Now I have to express my thanks to my Father in Heaven. I know it may sound like a bit much, but I'm so grateful to know of a God who loves me so much that he found and set aside the perfect man for me, a man I didn't think could even exist. But he did. He'd grown up across the street from where I grew up. What a perfect omniscient God to plan things out in such a way! I'm grateful to belong to a church that can help me learn to be more like a God who would give us temples so that our families can be Eternal. I can't think of anything that makes me happier than the thought that my family can be together in happiness For Eternity.


DeAnna said...

Well, guess who was in tears by the end of this post?

Dana Williams said...

Love this post! We are super glad Chris was reserved or you too.

Lisa said...

Me too DeAnna! Em, You're fantastic! It's so fun to hear you're fun story of your day! Love you all! (an you're right, it's AMAZING when we get to see that Heavenly Father knows us and EXACTLY what we need.)

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