Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Honeymoon

After our wonderful wedding celebration, Chris took me to see the Fireworks from the Orem Summerfest (so I didn't miss the whole thing. Especially my favorite part-fireworks!) It was the perfect ending to our wedding day! Then he took me to a nice hotel in Orem for our first night together. Which was also perfect. The rest of our honeymoon was also perfect. The following morning we drove to bridal veil falls to spend some time, then up to Salt Lake City. Then he took me to the Anniversary Inn. Here's a link to the amazing Jungle Safari room we stayed in. You can see all around the room. It was beautiful. Working waterfall, jacuzzi tub set into rocks and elephant head for the shower head. A cave with a table and mini-fridge. Follow up stairs into the trees to a bed up high with a tv set into the tree. It was amazing. While there Chris took me to the Hogle Zoo to see the elephants. (See, I love elephants)again- amazing. So far we've just had a great life together. hehehe.

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