Sunday, January 1, 2012

oh dear heavens

So while on facebook today I saw that a dear friend of my husband had posted to his blog a review of his year. I thoroughly enjoy his blog, and then I realized GOODNESS GRACIOUS I HAVEN'T POSTED SINCE BEFORE MY WEDDING!?! So, while I may do a year in review, more likely I will catch us up in the wonderful shared life I now lead and done. And then (as you all know me well enough to guess) I won't post again for quite some time. Haha... of course... and my terrible not-posting then super-posting cycle will continue.

(after editing my page to make it beautiful and hand computer-scrapbooking headers for the next blog pages until March. I may have to post more if I'm going to re-design so often.)


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DeAnna said...

This layout is CUTE!