Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've just been thinking about friends a lot lately. How grateful I am for friends, how much I miss some old friends, and how great it is when you get to spend time with those old friends you hold so dear.

This last weekend was actually pretty good as far as friends go.
Thursday, my dear friend Christel did my eyebrows. Granted I'm still getting used to them... but it was fun at the very least to see her! We talked about old friends that I haven't seen and decided we need to hang out more. That made me happy.
Friday night my oldest friend (I've known him since I was born. literally.) came to hang out, and it was so fun to see him and my hubby playing games and getting to be great friends. It made my heart happy! It was fun to just have him in our home!
Then on Saturday my angel (Megan. She's amazing! you should check out her blog here: http://meganbethadventures.blogspot.com/) came over! She's going on her mission in February and I'm so proud of her! But getting to have a special hang out to spend time with her before she's gone to Ukraine was exciting. We got Juice Press wraps (tradition!) and hung out. We ended up talking, showing her our apartment, and watching a documentary about Pixar (instead of going out to a movie. not like me, but when Chris turned it on, it turned out to be really good!) It was so much fun to see her. Anytime she's around it makes me happy!

So! Friends: if I haven't seen you recently, it's not because I don't love and miss you, I do. Sometimes I just don't make enough effort to see people! SO! Bug me, or just come by! I'm gonna make a renewed effort to add some joy in my life by seeing more friends more often!
I love you all! Have a great day!

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