Monday, January 9, 2012

The Awesome Book of Awesome: Quests

Ok, I have had this saved forever and now I'm officially posting it as Chris has been asking me about this for a while. So I'll do what I can, and when Tyler gets back from his mission, he may make me edit and repost to make sure it's all completely valid. hehehe.

We all love adventures. But few take the time to complete quests -- correctly. We have assigned the following parameters to help you establish if your adventure was truly a quest!

1-Did you have an actual goal of any sort?
Some great adventures occur when just driving with friends. But did you say 'We need to stop to get Albertson's cookies(as they are epic?)" or "we need to find conversation hearts and the perfect place to test if they will work as chalk"? The best quests are truly a single evening that forms quest-line! ie: "We have to grab our friend, then find some caffeine for said friend, then we need hot glue, then we'll go back to jump on the trampoline, but we have to be inside by midnight to sing happy birthday!"

2-Did some problem come up as you went along that you have to overcome?
As with the heroes in the past, and in the movies, etc, there's always some obstacle that must be overcome. With albertsons' cookies, now a days you may have to settle for Ridley's, or it may become a search for the best chocolate chip cookies that might compare, or driving hours away to find an actual Albertsons. It may be the summer when stores don't really carry conversation sweet-hearts and you use the year-old box in your friend's van. Your quest line may be interrupted by the birthday girl throwing up in the bathroom at Wal-mart. But do you continue on in your quest and have a fabulous time? The overcoming makes your adventure with goals a quest.

3-Do you have proof or a record?
The best form of proof is of course video! With normal cameras having video capture, little videos make the best way to relive and of course prove your quest was successful. Pictures make a fabulous proof. But there is also the memories of your friends. A quest by yourself REQUIRES pictures or video, but with a group of friends, they are not always necessary as you can mention to your friend 'remember that quest when...' and it has been immortalized by memory and by retelling made legendary!

If you have all three of these things, you may call your adventure a quest. And you should, because what is the fun of going on a quest and not actually calling it a quest? That's madness.

So! Now I challenge you to a quest-line! 1-Pick a friend, or two. 2-Write them a nice note. 3-Find a stealthy place to hide their notes. 4-Remember to record, or have several friends hiding the notes. 5-If possible, write notes that can be mailed instead of hidden! Make silly videos while waiting in the post office line (which, come on, we all know will be super-long!)

Have an awesome time on your quests!

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Maggie said...

Quests! What an idea! I've been trying to call my errands - or any "to-do"s - quests instead. Somehow it makes them more fun. I haven't play much World of Warcraft, but I do remember the "must complete MORE quests" feeling I had while playing, so calling something a quest brings back some of the feeling. Heheh.

Pictures though. Always forgetting those! Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE the pictures you post here on your blog? (Probably not, as I don't think I've commented before now ... sorry!) XD