Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year!

It's here! For me, this year was great! Granted, there were hard points, and sad days, etc, but with the bad came joy. And for me, a lot of happiness!

To say farewell to 2011 we spent New Year's Eve with family. Bopping back and forth across the street - usual for holidays for this Call-Atkinson merger. hehehe. At the Calls we played games and talked with family, and watched the ball drop on tv. At mom's, we danced and had chocolate fondue -the traditions I love! :D So much fun! You can check out pics on my mom's blog.

But now that we're in the new year, we have to think about resolutions. I struggle with resolutions, and fear of failure. Goals I can handle, but for some reason resolutions I forget about or quit or just overwhelm myself with all the things I want for the next year. Then I read an email from suggested picking a word of the year instead. That, I can do!

For this year, 2012, the word is
Chris and I spoke about my choice to pick a word and incorporate it into our lives instead, and while he was hesitant, when we threw around some ideas and joked and laughed the way we do, he liked when I said, "I think I'd like to use the word Joy." I explained that joy has always been my favorite Christmas word (while people put up peace, love, hope, etc, I like Joy best) and been on my mind because of all the joy he brings to my life. And how I feel like Heavenly Father wants us to surround ourselves with joy. I decided looking for joy daily, helping each other find joy, doing what brings joy (in jobs, church, making good Heavenly Father approved choices) is definitely something we want to strive incorporate into our hearts, actions, and lives this year. He agreed. So Joy it is. You may get sick of hearing it from me this year! :D

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DeAnna said...

Since I'm a blog follower, I've seen a lot of people using the one word for the year theme. I've been thinking about a word for me....but there are just too many words out there and I can't seem to narrow it down :( I do like that you used the word JOY though!