Monday, January 9, 2012

Awesome Book of Awesome: Adventures

Adventure : defined by as 1 an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks 2 an exciting or remarkable experience.

My favorite fun thing is having adventures. It's really easy to do!
How to have an adventure:
  • Decide you're having an adventure! Once the decision is made, you'll change your behaviors in a fun, exciting, unusual way - sometimes without even noticing.
  • Do something out of the ordinary. If you usually take a certain route home, go another way. If you usually have the same thing at a restaurant, try something else. If you usually stay home, go out. Etc.
  • Add another person. Everything is more fun with more people. Say you're going to pick up ice cream, take someone with you! Talk, laugh, be silly. Talk to strangers
  • Take a camera. People are more exuberant in front of a camera, and you can look back and laugh at your adventure later.
  • Give your adventure a soundtrack. Play music that fits the feel of your adventure. Soundtracks from movies can really add suspense or specific feelings to your adventure. Loud music that is fun and bouncy can add loud and bouncy to your adventure. And so on. While Party in the USA isn't typical listening music, it can be a great addition to an adventure with a car full of girls going...anywhere.
  • Plan no more than 2 steps ahead. Too much planning and goals and your adventure becomes a quest.
  • Just keep going! Once in the car, go until you can't anymore. Spend all the time available to you. It isn't a waste later when you look back at your experience.
These are some quick pics of some adventures I've been on before:

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