Monday, January 30, 2012

My personalized 'sentiment' blocks!

So my mom has gotten me addicted to the cute 'crafty mommy' blogs. You know the kind. And it makes me want to be, you know, crafty! hehe. Well, as I've been decorating my 'mantel' (a shadow box) and around my apartment I've started decorating in 5 ways.
  1. My 'mantel' shadowbox.
  2. My door
  3. My table centerpiece
  4. Hanging something on the back of my cupboards
  5. Window clings
Well, for the shadowbox, I saw some cute blocks at my aunt Dana's once, and then mom's cute 'title' blocks on her mantel, and talking to mom about sentiment blocks, I decided to make my own! Here's what I did!

First I purchased five cute little 2" blocks at hobby lobby. Then Chris painted them black for me. (Chris is artsy and was pretty excited when I asked him to paint to help me with a craft.)

Then I found different scrapbooking paper for each theme. I decided to do 5 different sheets (1 per block) that fit the theme. My themes are: Snow, XO<3XO, Lucky, Spring, Sun, and B-Day. Then I cut the paper into small squares, slightly smaller than the blocks.

Then I lined them up by theme and which block I wanted them on. (The order mattered to me.)

Next I mod-podged the paper squares onto the blocks.

Following this, I borrowed my mom's cricut and cut out the themes onto colored paper.

Then I mod-podged the letters/symbols of the theme onto the block, and covered with a layer of mod-podge. Because I used cut out scrapbooking cardstock for the letters, I had to double and sometimes triple layer the outside mod-podge to seal the letters on.

AREN'T THEY CUTE!?! I'm going to have to make some more sets!
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DeAnna said...

Way to go! Those are adorable!