Sunday, May 17, 2009

Senior Season

So there's lots that's going on because I'm a senior:

-Senior Pics
-Graduation Credit Work
-Seminary Graduation
-Senior Sluff/Activity Day

So check on senior pics. They're taken, and we'll get them back asap. So, be awaiting those and my graduation announcements! 2 conflicting feelings-I. I love Marta and think I'll look pretty in my pictures. (Merely pretty, I don't look like a senior, I look so young still. And, I'm no model!) II. I don't want pictures that are pretty. I want pictures that reflect me, my personality and all. And me is funny faces, crazy poses, and insanity. Too bad that's not what Marta wants to portray. :S Oh well. They'll be...good.

Credit work-see Homework Crazies and know that I'm still working.

Seminary Graduation is tonight. I turned in my makeup work and really hope it all went through, cuz if not I'll just die! :( so cross your fingers! I'll tell more later (if I get the chance).

Senior Sluff/Activity Day is TOMORROW! Tell you all about it tomorrow (afterwards) when I tell you about Seminary Graduation.

Graduation is such a crazy thing. I hope it all works out, that would suck if not. :S So cross your fingers for me, and I'll work hard and hope things all work out.

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