Sunday, May 17, 2009


More will be coming soon. I'm still working on acquiring good pictures. Our photographer had...issues. SO! I'll be obtaining those as soon as possible, some of which will be included in my senior pictures (YAY Marta.) But I will say it was a lot of fun, if also a lot of ick. hehe. It's prom, what can I say?! I had a breakdown in the morning (cuz I'm a freak) and then we had mom's surprise party, which was amazing, and I tried SO hard not to cry as Julia and I sang to mom. Followed by an hour of making Megan all gorgeous (She really doesn't need my help, but it's nice to have someone do your hair and makeup!) then I went and had a professional professionally destroy my hair. After which, mom and dina helped make my hair pretty, and a lot better, though not ideal. (since when would that be realistic?) I scrambled to get ready, put on my makeup, and go with Austin to Ihop for a VERY FUN dinner, though we arrived late. Then we got our pictures taken. It was kinda cold, and it took a while, plus we had to sign stupid copyright stuff. After that, we went to the dance-crazy fun. But, it killed me. Oh the pain of dancing like a crazy person in a dress when your back already hates you. But it was fun! And now, I'm glad I went, but I'm also very glad that it's over.


DeAnna said...

Well, I would like a picture even if we have to pay extra or something. :D

Leslie said...

I'm sorry your prom pics didn't turn out! I SOOO wish I could have done them...and I was so sad because my family session that night canceled because of the I totally could have done them. I hope you got somet hat you like! BTW...your senior pics look great!