Saturday, May 30, 2009

the "after"

So I just graduated, and now I had quite a lot of fun. Night of graduation we had a big dinner and barbecue which was a BLAST. Then! Tyler, Austin and I went to the Senior All-Nighter. The school hosted until 3ish am and then we went to macey's and walmart (2 places still open at that time!) then Denny's for breakfast. By that time the sun was up signaling all-night-hood!

Then Austin and I took a nap before I had physical therapy. Then he dropped me off at my house and we each took some time to nap and get ready before we went to a concert!

Around 1ish we went to the library and then went up to SLC for The Big @ss Show hosted by a fav. radio station of ours- x96. It was a lot of fun! There were a TON of bands, including Medina Lake, Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, and the headliner: The Offspring!

So lots of fun! Now it's time for lots of resting!

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