Thursday, May 21, 2009


ok. as of last time:

here are my 3 fav. senior pics (of right this very moment!) There are much more on my facebook.

here are my current 3 fav. supplemental (taken when we did Senior Pics) prom pictures. once again, more on facebook.

I continue faithfully working on graduation credit. However, I finished both quarters of pre-calculus (just have to send her a few more assignments.) and passed the tests! Now I've just got English. Wish me luck!

My seminary graduation was great, it all worked out. Exciting stuffs! Cool beans too, I can officially say I'm a seminary graduate. I can also admit that due to my health, I worked a lot harder for my graduation than most of the people there.

Senior Sluff was fun. There are pics Tyler and Austin took up on facebook. Boondocks wasn't bad. It's not Lagoon, but it wasn't bad.

Sorry I never have time to post as of late, hopefully things will...ease up after this crunch-time.


DeAnna said...

I know you are probably sick of hearing this...but you are beautiful!!

Tyler said...

She is! And good luck! You'll get through your English stuff in no time.