Wednesday, May 27, 2009

END to the Crazies!

So! Yesterday I finished up my packets, went to east shore, tested and massive passed. ALL done!

Today I went to the school (after sleeping through yearbook day :( ) and talked to my counselor. Everything by my second term of precal went through. But see, I've been having homework crazies making sure it DID get done. So he had me call EHS (Electronic High School) and I had to wait for a long time. Then I called again, and finally got somebody. We talked and she figured out what was up, and that she had to contact the teacher and find the scores in order to get them to the counselor. She told me to call back in 30-60 mins.

Well, I went to the Seminary Building, got my scriptures. Then I spoke to and helped Mrs. Weight. She's going with me to Tennessee for Nationals, and so she and I are friendly. Which is good. She also got a stinker of an end of the year, because she has to switch rooms, but wasn't allowed to do it when she still had students to help her! And she's moving SEWING MACHINES! Lots of them. So Tyler and I helped for a bit.

Then I called the EHS lady and she said she found the info, and had to fix it up. But that I could go talk to my counselor in 15 min. or so and it would be sent. Well, after 15 more mins or so of helping, we went, and TADA, there was my credit. I got my cap and gown and felt GREAT!



DeAnna said...

Thank goodness that is over, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news...that isn't the end to the crazies!

tootsiebubbles said...

yes, but it is the ending to the post I did called homework crazies. so, though unlabeled, they were specific crazies to which i referred.