Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ok. what's really up now!

So if you read the old one, a lot has changed! hahaha. Marin is still wonderful, and Karli is amazing, and I miss her like crazy, but Caleb is evil and has no soul. haha. Tia and i have been doing more together. We were a group for morp. Which was a blast. I'll post a blog about that as soon as I get the pics from my date. Speaking of dates! I've started to do that. It's still weird to think I'm old enough to. I've only been on a few, but they've been fun. Shane is really funny, and took me to see P.S. I Love You, which was cute but sad. I cried through the whole thing..how's that for a date movie. ahaha. and then there's CORY. Cory has become like my best friend... which he should be. we're...together. I know, I know. He's taken me to a few movies, and we hang a lot. I've made some new friends through he and Austin. Lots of UCAS kids who are kinda nerdy, but let's face it, I'm a nerd. HEHE. I've had a lot of fun being around them. Let's see...what else is up. Still teaching preschool, and I Love it. I have so much fun! I've been sick lately and missed valentines and a few more days, and it's really been awful to miss it. Seth and Jordan are officially on their missions, and I need to write them. Lazy me hasn't yet though. Choir tour is in March!...which is coming up soon. I had a fund raiser and didn't do too bad. Music is very fun, as always. Marin and i have been in a 'rap' mood. haha. not lots, but it can be very fun in the right mind-set. And we still listen to mom's country and all of our fun music that flows throughout the house. So, lots of good stuff. I'll hope to write a few blogs this week. TTYL!

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