Tuesday, February 19, 2008

catch up!

ok, so here's a random list detailing 'what's up':

-Marin is amazingly fun. but she needs to stop getting grounded.

-Rob is a riot and always knows how to make me feel better. He also is prolly the coolest, chillest person ever, and anyone who knows him will probably agree!

-Brett is crazy fun hahhaha

-Caleb's so sweet and always knows what to say

-Karli is the BEST person ever (haha. love you girl!)

-Trent and Logan are gonna kill me some day. His idea of fun is seeing how close they can come to death while causing as much trouble as possible. So fun...

-Tia is a great balancer. I miss her like crazy.

-Mom is mondo busy, but still a blast, and my best friend(though of course not in a list w/my other friends)!

-The girls at my work are way fun, and I wish I wasn't such a chicken so I could actually talk to them.
~Kristi is great with rules, and always know how to make a child feel special.
~Amy is funny and crazy, has the best stories, and is a fantastic teacher.
~Mrs. Hopkin is great with rules and regulations and can make sure anything runs smoothly; and no matter how strict she is, she's so sweet and caring.
~Treg is a doll who can make anyone feel special and welcome.
~Rachel is almost always late, but talking to her when she's not is so fun.

-The kids at my work are adorable. But I do have my favorites:
~Ben: he's very picky, and little things upset him easily. But he's such a little doll. He always wants to play baseball, and he quotes movies and games all the time. My favorite will always be when we play with instruments, he wants the guitar. Once, he started pretending to smash it. When I asked him why, he said, "that's what they do on Guitar Hero when they win. And I'm so amazing, I totally won." haha.
~Blaze: he's so sweet. he can control his anger better than anyone I've ever seen. When things upset him he either a)runs around in a circle b)tells or c)just goes to play somewhere else. But once, Gavin would NOT leave him alone. Even with my intervention. Blaze had had too much, and suddenly i see him burst into tears and run to time out. I asked him why he was there and he said (tears overflowing) "I hit Gavin.....2 times......"
~Gavin: he's first in in the morning (i find myself racing to get there before him), and he always wants to help with my cleaning jobs. He has a speech impediment and has a hard time getting his point across, but I'm starting to understand him, and he's always there to make me smile.

-I've gotten used to physical therapy, and have really noticed my back getting better. I'll miss it when I'm better because it seems like the only time i have when I can have mom's attention, so we can just talk.
~John (my physical therapist), though there was the awful incident with my back and homecoming (Which was AWFUL) he really is a great guy...and he certainly knows how to get mom to get us ice cream! hehehe.
~Esther is adorable and hilarious.
~Jordan is going to MONGOLIA on his mission. cool stuffs. whenever he comes in, he starts laughing and it's very funny. (and the whole thinking about him leaving on his mission makes me laugh cuz Dan's going to Nebraska. hahaha.)

-Speaking of Missions, my big bro turned his papers in. Sis. Church sent an e-mail saying we should know by Oct. 24th where he's going. They have everyone guessing and I still can't believe Seth is going away for two years. Haha, we'll prolly talk more this way. Cuz I'm totally gonna write.

-For choir tour we're going to Seattle, can I just say I'm way excited!?! I just have to start saving, cuz i wanna pay for as much of it myself as possible. I'd feel bad making my parents pay for it. Another point of interest w/choir: our first concert is the 18th...and believe me I'm nervous. I didn't take choir last year, and well, I feel really rusty with a lot of wonderfully talented singers.

-I did go to homecoming. It's not a rumor. Caleb was very fun and nice. And it was fun. Especially dinner and the ride home. haha. That night was also great cuz Deny and Jenn came down, not for me going to homecoming, but it was great that they were there. I miss having them around!

-I'm driving now. But I mostly drive the big, brown, 12 passenger van, or the little white mini-van. I keep contacting grampa, cuz I would really like to try and buy gramma's old car from him. That would be great.

-No boyfriend. thank heavens. there is no 'kinda taken' anymore. It's better w/o one. Friends are definitely best. (and i don't care if Tyler says i have commitment issues...I'm too young to be stuck w/a guy anyways!)

-Music is still a highlight of life. Between choir music, the 'GET PSYCHED MIX' with Marin, fun music from friends, mom's new music (eh...not that great. why aunt Dina got her into country I'll never know) and the stuff I play cuz I can get all my sisters dancing, I almost always have something on. The house is NEVER quiet... all the people (my family plus an almost never ending stream of visitors) plus the music...ya. no quiet. hahaha.

Well, this is really long, and I think that's almost everything. Hopefully I'll start writing more often with smaller segments of stuff. haha. Well, lots of loves to everyone.


p.s. yes rob, we do rock the world. hahaha.

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