Thursday, March 13, 2008

Missionary Week

So my seminary is doing this thing called "Missionary Week" and let me tell ya. It's crazy. In our seminary class before it started we got our "call's" and my class is supposedly in Australia. Which would rock, English speaking...however, no swimming. But OH well! hahaha. Then they gave us a missionary name tag, on the back it has the "mission rules" that we're supposed to live by for the week. It said,
March 10-14, 2008
- Wake up by 6:30 am/In bed by 10:30 pm
-Scripture/Preach My Gospel Study 20 minutes daily
-Only Church Music (MoTab, EFY, etc.)
-No TV or Movies
-Keep micely groomed (missionary haircuts)
-Cell phone for calling only. No texting.
-Twenty minutes of daily exercise
-Attend all meetings (Seminary, Morningside, Mutual, Feast)
-Try to attend temple once within the week
-No dates until 'released' (Friday night)"

Music, Movies, Bedtime and Texting were the only ones of those I have a problem with. I try to go to bed at that time, but, as with the 11th-12th, when you have to read a 400 page book by Wednesday morning and you have 200 pages left, you just finish it that night...because you have to. But I have only sent 3 texts, which is amazing. Going from 1000 a week (or more) to only 3 so far is quite impressive. I've watched no tv or movies, and haven't even slipped where music is concerned. The Morningside yesterday at 6 am was great! John Bytheway came to speak to us and though I'd heard a lot of it before, it was good to hear and think about...even if it made me late to work, by 10 min. (I was supposed to leave early, and I did...just I kinda lost track of time!) They also asked us to remain in our church clothes for the day, which i did. Overall, it's been cool, but I can't wait for it to be over! hehehe! Well, love you everybody!

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