Friday, November 25, 2011

Second Honeymoon

You read right. Second Honeymoon. I'm the luckiest girl! :D
Chris took me to San Diego (a place that I've loved my whole life) for a wonderful week of honeymoon bliss. :) We went in November, so when it started snowing here we were there, still enjoying sunshine. The people there were all 'it's so cold.' 'it's so windy' and we were all 'wahoo! not snowing!' Anywho, here's how it went down (and some pics)!

First day: airport. Once there we surprise visited my family. That was sooo much fun!
Second day we stayed in.

Third day we went to Legoland!
The classic 'WE'RE AT LEGOLAND' pic!

Chris in a lego car!

Em being devoured by a lego shark!

Chris and Em with bestie- Lego Darth Vader!

The fourth day we went to the San Diego Zoo!
we're here pic.

i love elephants!

chris likes the big cats

another elephants. I really love elephants.

Fifth day we went to the Safari Park (a.k.a. Wild Animal Park)
I really really love elephants. There were a lot of them at the Wild Animal Park.

...see. lots of elephants. even baby elephants.

Our favorite part was a Cheetah run.

Heads up the vid... is turny.

The sixth day we went to Sea World (for a full day. We'd gone several times briefly.)
We're here pic.

Our favorite thing was dolphins. The dolphin show, petting dolphins. Etc. So here's some dolphin show pics.

pic of chris with dolphin. sorry, shoulda gotten one of him TOUCHING the dolphin, but I was a scaredy cat about salt water + camera = sadness.

Oh and then there's SHAMU!
(buh buh, buh buh, buh. Shamu, Shamu!)

Leaving was sad... but here are the pics of hotel room, view, etc.
The hotel was surrounded by the beautiful birds of paradise.

The bathroom was gorgeous. Love love love the granite counter top.

The view from our balcony. Gorgeous view of the bay, huh?

The bed. Big and comfy.

It was a fabulous second honeymoon, busy, but not busy. We had fun just spending time together doing new things, and seeing things we love. Lots of Elephants, just like the first honeymoon. I don't have enough words to say how much I love my husband. A husband who loves me so much, he constantly surrounds me with things that make me happy, because he can't fathom that he makes me happier than anything else in the whole world.

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Dana Williams said...

So glad he is in the family! You two are cute!