Friday, November 25, 2011


This halloween was fabulous! We went to 3 spooktacular parties! hehehe. 1- We went to the Digicert (most especially the Bretschneider's) Pirates party. That was so much fun! They go all out! They were also taking pictures, which was a blast. Karli took some later: Here are our pirate costumes. A mermaid and her pirate catch. Or is it the other way around? hehehe.
(ok so my friend who took the pics hasn't gotten them to me yet. but i will come back and put them in when she gets them to me so I can post now and my brain can keep moving with the catch up so I can post the NEW stuff in our lives!)

2-Julia, Becca, and Katie's party. They were watching movies and chillin. So we went to join in the fun!
3-The next evening we dressed up as fighter pilots (top gun style) and went out to Eagle Mountain to spend time at Matt and Tam's annual Halloween trick-or-treating turned party so Chris could take Jacob and Mac out again! I was sick so I just stayed in and watched all the awesome. Matt and Tam invite their trick-or-treaters in for bobbing for apples, decorating cupcakes, and hot apple cider. They have movies playing and make trick-or-treating into quite the party. Sadly, we have no pictures of us in our flight suits. Crying shame, I know. We'll have to dress up randomly so we can get some pictures taken! hehehe.

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DeAnna said...

I was very sad to not see your Halloween costumes this year, so I say YES to just getting dressed up and taking pictures!